Jose Vadakara
Regional Vice President - RVP
Joseph Ouso
NC Member - Western
Prince Nechikat
NC Member - Western

Kerala Association of Washington (KAW), is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious cultural organization working towards the betterment of the social lifestyle of Keralites in the Pacific Northwest. KAW strives to maintain and promote the golden heritage of Kerala through our highly acclaimed cultural events, stage shows featuring celebrities from Kerala, sports tournaments, literary and educational activities, and charity initiatives.
Kerala Association Las Vegas is a non-profit, nonpolitical, secular and cultural organization, organized exclusively for charitable and educational purpose.
Sacramento Regional Association of Malayalees (SARGAM) started in 2001 to provide a forum for the Indian Malayalees residing in the Sacramento area of the state of California. SARGAM is a nonprofit cultural organization incorporated under the laws of the state of California. It is a voluntary community organization of the people of Kerala who reside in Sacramento and nearby areas.
ORUMA is a non-profit, non-political, secular and cultural community organization of the people from Kerala, the southern state of India. Tucked away at the southern tip of the sub-continent, and lapped by the Arabian Sea, Kerala is something of an oasis of calm when compared to the heat and hustle of the rest of India. One of the smallest states in the country, it feels quieter, calmer and generally more relaxed than the loud and lively tourist-attracting areas of the north. Perhaps this is because Kerala is largely rural, great swathes of its land being taken up by marshy backwaters, tea plantations, rice paddies and lofty mountains. of LA
Malayalee Association of Northern California, popularly known as “MANCA”, is a non-profit Cultural Organization of people originally from Kerala, the ‘land of coconut palm trees’. MANCA is based in San Francisco Bay area. It bridges members, spread all over Northern California, with a membership spanning over a thousand families of Kerala origin. Its numerous cultural activities around the year, make it possible for the continued expression of the Malayalee heritage to all, especially to the younger generation.
The Arizona Malayalees Association represents people from the gorgeous South Indian state of Kerala and who have come to Arizona for various reasons. The language spoken by those from this tropical paradise is called Malayalam, hence the people from Kerala are called Malayalees.
Kerala Association of Colorado (KAOC) is a community driven cultural organization for Malayalees (‘Malayalam’ speaking people or the people from the South Indian state of Kerala) in Colorado, serving for more than 35 years. It acts as a bedrock for all types of arts and cultural activities for Keralites in Colorado.
,p>Bay Malayali mission is to spread the value of healthy and active life style to combat obesity amoung the Malayali community.


Provide Sports training to the community along with organizing competitions to foster their skills.

Rejuvenate the minds of youth and children and facilitate positive energy using Arts and Sports as a medium.

Involve in community activities and promote healthy lifestyle by educating and encouraging Bay area Malayali’s in particular to participate in physical activities such as Sports and Arts.

Develop training programs in Sports and other traditional recreational activities originated from or are popular in Kerala.

Engage, other Kerala and South Indian associations in championing our goals and spread the positive energy of cohesive collaboration and coexistence.

Valley Malayalee Arts & Sports Club is the premier association for connecting the Malayalee community in Greater Los Angeles region in Southern California. We stand for fostering community sprit, connecting with the cultural heritage and providing a forum for social service to our brothers and sisters from Kerala. Our main activities are focused in the areas of Sports, Arts, Social Services and Charity. VMASC was officially formed mid of 1999 and it was inaugurated on June 24, 2000 by Biju Narayanan, Malayalam Playback singer, during the Music 2000 Stage Show. Since inception, Valley Club is very active in organizing community events such as Arts night, Cultural Programs, Stage Shows, Charity Fundraising Events, Sports Events and Family Picnics for the Malayalee community.
Kerala Association of Los Angeles (KALA), established in 1978 is a non-profit organization to maintain and promote the cultural and educational hertiage of the land of Kerala. To serve as a forum of friendship and exchange of ideas and information for Malayalees and to sponsor meetings and artistic events with distinguished visitors from India and Kerala in particular, and to celebrate festivities that are dear to Malayalees.
Malayalee Association Central Valley California[MACC]