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Seek and experience your roots during your summer holidays. A Golden Opportunity for Middle & High school students. Pack your bag and join your friends for a three weeks thrilling and once in life time experience at affordable cost.

Program organized by your local cultural/religious organizations in collaboration with IISAC having over ten years successful Semester in India program for American college students.

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We are delighted in presenting a unique package of Summer in Kerala for the Diaspora students of the USA. This travel and stay program will provide them with  pleasure-fun-information packed cultural experience in a beautiful locale like Kerala. Classes/Seminars  in the natural backdrop as in the ancient system of “Gurukula visits  to  the destinations  representative of certain geographical, historical  or cultural patterns; modules for learning the language of Malayalam which is rooted in the Indo-European  language   tradition  and glimpses in to the rich literature  will be special features of  the program. In addition to this, orientation on Higher Education and Career Development focusing on the needs of the time  will be given.

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