Founded in 2006, FOMAA has become a vibrant community organization that serves all Keralites, participates in, and contributes to the mainstream of American Life.

FOMAA’s main objective is to organize and coordinate Social, Cultural, Charitable and Educational activities on National and International levels. FOMAA has conducted three International Conventions and three Kerala Conventions in the past. In addition, FOMAA was instrumental in conducting Bridging of the Mind program in 2011, many medical camps in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 in conjunction with the assistance of numerous individuals and businesses. In the past, FOMAA has distributed scholarships to very gifted and needy students in the USA and India, FOMAA’s help line is available to those who are in need of service.

We strongly encourage you to become members of your local organization and serve the community. Please join FOMAA, the vibrant Malayalee Organization in North America and extend your community service internationally.

Our Mission

FOMAA’S mission is to actively serve the Malayalee Community in the Americas, strengthen member organizations and their activities, and connect people to enrich lives.

FOMAA Objectives

  • To organize and coordinate social, cultural, charitable and educational activities at the national level for the benefit of its members;
  • To organize conventions of Malayalees;
  • To educate the youth of Kerala origin and provide them a social forum to experience and appreciate the richness of Kerala/Indian culture;
  • To take a leading role in promoting Malayalam language and Kerala culture in North America;
  • To organize and coordinate activities that will promote medical, social, and economic development of Kerala/India;
  • To foster understanding and friendship among various Indian organizations, especially Malayalee organizations, and coordinate activities of common interest;
  • To represent the interest of the Kerala community in North America and serve as its voice; and
  • To raise funds to carry out the above-mentioned and other worthy humanitarian charitable causes.
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